Friday, May 10, 2013

Self Services Holds are Coming on MONDAY, MAY 13!

No more waiting in line!
Great news: To make the checkout process even easier, the Brentwood Library will introduce self-service pickup of holds on MONDAY, MAY 13! This will save you time, because you'll be able to pick up your holds yourself, without waiting in line. Since physical cards will be required to check out materials that are on hold, remember to bring the library card associated with that hold. 

If you don't like carrying your library card with you, we recommend you try the Key Ring app. Key Ring lets you create a digital copy of any card by simply scanning the card's barcode or by manually entering the barcode number/membership ID. When it's time to check out library books, simply launch the Key Ring app, select your saved card, and scan the barcode from the screen. Yes, you can scan a barcode from your screen! How cool is that?!

If you can't find your library card, now is a great time to come get a replacement. Let's get ready to enjoy self-service holds!