Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lecture: Benefits of Medical Hypnotism

We are in an age of healing that no longer relies on "one size fits all" treatments. A vast number of people, including doctors and members of scientific communities, understand healing is a process of body/mind/soul integration. Medical Hypnosis works in a variety of ways to support individuals in taking control of their healing and well-being.
Hypnosis works as an adjunct to physicians and the medical community. We call this “Complementary Medical Hypnosis.” Hypnosis is also excellent for Behavioral Medicine and Transpersonal Medicine. Hypnosis can offer substantial benefits for:
  • Pain management
  • Cancer treatment support
  • Stress, Smoking, Weight
  • Support for Terminal Illness
Hypnosis is approved by the AMA and the National Institute of Health, NIH, with a history of positive results in treating cancer patients' pain. Medical Hypnotism is taught at some major universities, including University of Chicago and UCLA Medical Center. Join Marvin Wilkerson, certified in Medical Hypnotism by National Guild of Hypnotists. There is something to learn for everyone.

Date: Monday, August 19
Time: 6:00 - 8:00
Registration: Online - Click Here