Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No One Plans to Call 9-1-1, but Now You Can Plan Ahead.

You do everything you can to protect your children. Now Smart911 can protect them even when you aren’t there. Create a Safety Profile at www.smart911.com to provide 9-1-1 with information they need to help any member of your family in an emergency. If your child dial 9-1-1 from their cell phone, your Safety Profile will provide their photo, description, medical notes and even your contact information to first responders immediately, saving valuable seconds and even minutes. Sign up today. Smart911 is brought to you by the City of Brentwood and supported by existing 911 fees. It's free to register!
And now that kids are going back to school, be sure to review these school safety tips:
  • Talk to your child or teen about walking safety. Teach your child to remove all distractions, to walk on sidewalks and to look before crossing the street.
  • Talk to your kids about texting and social networking. Discuss the types of information that should not be shared and set boundaries.
  • Talk to your kids about bullying. Encourage your child to come to you if they ever witness a bullying act or become the victim of it.
  • Remind your child to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.
  • Create a Smart911 Safety Profile at www.smart911.com.