Sunday, March 16, 2014

Poison Prevention Tips

In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, the Tennessee Poison Control Center has published the following poison prevention tips:

Store Poisons Safely

  • Store all medicines away from household products and food.
  • Never put any medicine or chemical in a cup or soft drink bottle.
  • Keep medicine and household products in their original containers.
  • Use child-resistant packaging, but remember - nothing is childproof!
  • If you have a young child who is able to walk or crawl, keep household plants and products stored above floor level, not beneath the sink.
Use Poisons Safely
  • Read the label on all medicines and household products.  Heed warnings and cautions.
  • Are children in the home?  Take the product or medicine with you to answer the door or phone.
  • Lock up products and medicines after using them.
  • Is it medicine?  Call it medicine, not candy.
  • Children learn by imitation.  Take your medicines where children can't watch.
  • Always turn on the light when giving medicines.  Never take medicines in the dark.
Teach Children to Ask First
  • Poisons can look like food or drink.  Teach children to ask an adult before eating or drinking anything.
If the unthinkable happens, help is just a phone call away.  The nurses, pharmacists, and physicians who answer the Poison Help hotline provide immediate treatment recommendations.  Interpreters are available for over 150 languages.  All calls are fast, free, and confidential.