Friday, August 22, 2014

The Healthy Aging Brain

If you are interested in learning about the effects of physical activity, nutrition, mental stimulation, socialization, creativity, attitude, spirituality, and meditation on the healthy aging brain, we have the perfect class for you! Join us on Thursday, September 4th from 1-3pm for a free seminar presented by Susan Bruey, RN MSN CHC.

Register here to reserve your spot, or call Judy Payton at 615-371-0090 ext 8510.

The brain is the most complex part of the human body. People once believed that progressive mental decline was inevitable, but now we know that the brain's ability to age well varies from person to person and is affected by genetic predisposition, genes, life experiences, lifestyle, exposure to toxins and chemicals, accidents, trauma, and disease. Cognitive abilities do not automatically decline with age: the majority of older adults are happy; they live an active, optimistic life with many friends; and they engage in leisure-time activities that increase not only their quality of life but also their longevity and the health of their brains.
Mrs. Bruey is teaching healthcare consumers how to take control of their health to avoid the preventable diseases that are usually associated with aging. Mrs. Bruey focuses her health coaching practice on adults who are interested in learning more about their health and in taking action to improve it.