Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Emergency Notification System

The City of Brentwood, Franklin, and Williamson County are now all using Everbridge for emergency notifications. Everbridge has been providing notifications for the City of Franklin since 2012. With the whole county now using the same vendor, residents will be notified about emergencies in a more efficient way and residents will have greater control over their preferences.

  • Create an Everbridge account
  • Provide addresses of interest (home, work, child's school, parent's home, etc)
  • Provide phone, text, and email addresses for your alerts
  • You are now ready to receive alerts. Residents may select which alerts they would like to receive and the hours of the day you wish alerts to be turned off.

Click here to register.

Important facts:

  • It works with any type of phone, text, email, ot TTY/TTD hearing impaired line
  • Information is not shared with 3rd parties
  • Phone numbers from the previous notification system have been provided to Everbridge; however notification preferences, locations to monitor, other contact information, etc must all be set up by the resident in the Everbridge system
  • Some residents with phone-over-internet, such as Comcast, may have never registered in the old system and should create an account with Everbridge to be certain.
Frequently asked questions:

I already signed up with NIXLE, do I need to sign up with Everbridge?
Yes. NIXLE may be phased out in the near future. It is for non-emergency texts such as traffic alerts. Everbridge is much more robust platform that is able to be area-specific. 

My number was in the old system, do I need to sign up with Everbridge?
If your number was in the old system, it has been provided to Everbridge, but you need to set up an account to let Everbridge know what areas of Williamson County you wish to receive alerts about, what types of alerts, and how you wish to be notified (i.e. phone, email, or text).

Will I receive alerts in the middle of the night?
Only if that is what you want. You can specify hours in the Everbridge system when you want notifications turned off.

Once I'm signed up, can I change my preferences and information later?
Yes, you can change your information at any time.