Saturday, March 14, 2015

NEW SESSION - Strength and Cardio Interval Training

The absolute best way to stay in shape is to combine strength training and cardio through interval training. So we've added another session with health and wellness expert Leks Stanic!

Because this type of fitness training works so well, celebrities and celebrity trainers are opting for this style of training called high intensity interval training, Don't worry about the "high intensity" part! That's the beauty of having a personal trainer next to you to guide you and adjust the exercises for your individual level. So you can workout with a baby boomer one side and an athlete on another side, yet each of you will get the best workout for your personal needs! 

Our sessions are small, and our trainer does not work out with the group. Instead, Leks is there to make sure you have the proper form, the proper level of intensity, and that you are working out in a safe environment. You'll also use a lot of power bands (not resistance bands); it may seem that they are not doing much to raise your fitness, but once you start training with them, we are sure you'll change your mind! 

Your trainer, Leks Stanic, has made the transition from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle, and wants to help you do the same. To that end, she has over ten fitness and specialty certifications, so she can help you do it correctly and safely. Leks has worked with a wide range of people-- from athletes to people with specific needs, such as women with bone-loss issues, to large group training. 

Come out and try this strength and cardio interval training for only $5 a session! See for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Mondays, starting March 16

9:00 am - 9:50 am

Cost is $5 per class, payable to the instructor at the time of the class. Registration is required.
Register online or call 615-371-0090, ext. 8150.