Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vintage Base Ball Presentation

Vintage Base Ball Presentation
Thursday, July 9, 6pm
This event is free and for all ages.
Registration required.

Join some of Tennessee's Vintage Base Ball players for a presentation of what 1864 era Vintage Base Ball (yes, it was two words in 1864) is, including rules, equipment, and lingo. After the discussion, we will head out to Concord Park in front of the library and toss the "onion" (ball) and swing the "willow" (bat).

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball was established in 2012 to entertain and educate communities by recreating the civility of 19th century base ball. They promote living history by bringing the 19th century to life through base ball events that use the rules, equipment, costumes and culture of the 1860s. They provide cultural enrichment and education programs and activities to youth and adults that emphasize honor, team play, respectful conduct and community pride.

Register online or call 615-371-0090 ext. 8510 or email: