Friday, February 19, 2016

Nashville Opera at the Library

 Goldie B. Locks & The Three Singing Bears
Nashville Opera ON TOUR
Saturday, March 5, 2 PM
Free program. Registration required.
Nashville Opera ON TOUR will perform John Davies' Goldie B. Locks & The Three Singing Bears, a fun operatic retelling of the classic children's fairy tale. The 45-minute, audience-interactive production is sung in English. 

The performance will include sets, costumes, a pianist and four professional opera singers - all members of the Nashville Opera's prestigious Mary Ragland Young Artist Program. Music will include popular tunes from Mozart's The Magic Flute and catchy numbers by the beloved composter Offenbach.

Goldie, a little girl who has a great passion for bugs and spiders, finds herself in a sticky situation when she stumbles upon the little dwelling of the three singing bears. Hungry and lost, she eats from the soup bowls Mama Bear has left on the table to cool. When the three bears return to their lunch and discover a "Soup Thief" is on the loose, Baby Bear "Peek" leads a brave detective search and befriends Goldie Locks, our accidental thief, along the way! The ensuing adventure teaches children the true meaning of friendship and the importance of honesty. 

Register here, contact Kersten Fons at 615-371-0090 Ext. 8040, or