Monday, February 1, 2016

Volunteers Celebrate 10 Years

Caption: Volunteer Coordinator Susan Cain, Gail Applegate, 
Caroline Shaw, JeanReily, Library Director Susan Earl, 
and City Commissioner Anne Dunn.

What were you doing ten years ago? Four of our volunteers were right here, volunteering. How do you express your thanks to a volunteer who has graciously given time and energy for over ten years? We chose to honor each of them with handmade purse created from a favorite book.

Gail Applegate chose Gone With the Wind as her favorite book. Caroline Shaw’s customized purse was made from Nesbo’s The Leopard. Jean Reily’s favorite book is the classic Jane Eyre. Sharon Reily (not pictured) chose To Kill a Mockingbird.

Ten years! Taking the average hours worked in a year, that’s over 2,400 hours these wonderful ladies have donated to the Library. We can never express our gratitude, but we hope that these tokens of our appreciation provide a visual reminder of our thanks.