Thursday, March 31, 2016

Much Ado about Texting

 Much Ado about Texting 

If Shakespeare and his characters texted, what might happen? Foul play or fair? Pomp and circumstance? Toil and trouble? Might someone wind up in a pickle?

Devise your own scenario! Play it for laughs, keep it real, or wear your heart on your sleeve. Just do it by texting. In particular, come up with funny or failed texts and share them with us.

Here’s how to enter: 
  • Select one of the following: summarize a play, summarize a sonnet, pick a character(s) to tweet as or about, or choose a scene to illustrate with a text.
  • Make sure you note which scene, character, play, or sonnet you are choosing.
  • Place your entry into the correct category: Histories, Comedies, Tragedies, or Sonnets.
  • No coarse language, sex, gore, or violence. Keep the rating G—PG-13 as children or teens may be reading. 
  • Winners will be chosen based on imagination, craftsmanship of language, accuracy, and poignancy or humor as best fits the chosen category, character, etc.
Send your entries to Subject line: Text. Include your name and contact information; category; scene, play, character, or sonnet; and the entry itself.  Text formatting is not required.

The deadline is April 27, 2016. Winners will be announced April 30th.


Tragedy: Macbeth, ACT 1, iii

Tragedy: Lady Macbeth