Friday, June 6, 2014

Professor Hoot's latest adventure


Professor Hoot stopped for a bite to eat at Tolly-Ho in Lexington, KY. Tolly-Ho is a traditional favorite burger place of students from the University of Kentucky.

The professor had a burger, fries, and an earthworm shake.


The Further Adventures of Professor Hoot....

Today Professor Hoot visited the sprawling Metropolis of New York City.  First, he spent some time at the American Museum of Natural History, where he saw a large meteorite, and very nearly got eaten by a huge alligator.  

Later on, he saw some fellow owls, but they seemed to be stuck behind the glass.  I'm pretty sure that I heard the Professor shouting, "Let my people go!"
After the museum, Professor Hoot flew through Central Park, and even made an appearance at Times Square before coming in for a landing next to one of the lion statues at the New York Public Library.  Even while travelling, the Professor loves visiting libraries!




The Kindoll Family (very much enjoying having Professor Hoot along with us on vacation)