Monday, July 7, 2014

Table Top Tea Cups and Fairy Gardens

Photos are illustrations of the project. Flowers will vary.

Unearth Your Inner Florist: Delicate Design Class

Wednesday, July 16th, 1-2pm
Class fee: $12 

Join Elaine Rohrig, Past President of the Nashville Newcomer's Garden Club, as she teaches how to turn backyard horticulture into tabletop beauty. Learn to make a miniature floral design in a tea cup. Ground yourself in the principles of color, shape, texture, and pattern. Bring a cup and saucer or favorite mug to use a decorative container. Master the concepts of line and proportion using fresh materials. Minimum of 8 registrations are needed to hold class. 

To register, click on the link and complete the registration form or call 615-371-0090 ext 8510.

How to Create a Fairy Garden

Wednesday, July 23rd, 10-11am
Free demonstration

What fairy could resist resting her wings on a cozy bench beneath a tree, with moss at her feet and dainty flowers to admire? In this make-believe landscape, a pint-sized bush is a large tree, twigs and leaves turn into firniture, and tiny woodland sprites area as close as your imagination. Award-winning Carolyn M. Kirchner will create a fairy garden during the demonstration and inspire you to create your own magical miniature container garden for you and your own fairies to enjoy.

To register click on the Fairy Guide link and complete the registration form or call 371-0090 ext 8510.