Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obesogens - Common Chemicals that Make Us Fat

Obesity is the leading cause of preventable illness in America today, and it is most often attributed to eating and drinking more calories than we expend through physical activities. But there may be more to this story.
Obesogens are chemicals that have the ability to alter fat metabolism and promote fat retention. Because we are unknowingly exposed to these chemicals every day, they can be a hidden cause of weight gain and obesity, and may be contributing to the inability to lose weight.

Free Seminar: Thursday, October 2nd from 1-3pm
During this lecture, Mrs. Bruey will present information about the primary types of obesogens that are found in our homes today and she will offer actions that we can take to avoid exposure and eliminate these specific types of toxins from our lives.
Register online or call 615-371-0090 ext 8510