Friday, January 9, 2015

Be Well, Brentwood! (progress)

We are officially more than a week into our challenge. Our team is checking in with each other frequently and we have some ideas and experiences to share with you.

Morning Yoga with Dierdre
From Robin:
I used to do yoga all the time, but after blowing out my knee and then getting pregnant, I let it fall to the side. Dierdre is a knowledgeable instructor and incredibly easy to follow. This is a class anyone can attend -- even with a bum knee and arthritic back I had no problem being able to do the poses. It is a great way to strengthen muscles and have some much needed "me" time.
Sign up for Morning Yoga on Mondays or Fridays at 10am.

Chair Awareness Through Movement® with the Feldenkrais® Method
From Katie:
I went to this class because I was really curious what it would be like. Fran was very welcoming. The first part was becoming more aware of our bodies. We focused on posture and breathing. It was very calming.
From Mary:
I have problems with my knee. It hasn't felt this good in months. This class was amazing.
Sign up for Chair Awareness on Wednesdays from 1-2pm.

From Heather:
I've been in other yoga classes before and I didn't think I liked yoga. They took "the practice" way too seriously! Norman leads a playful class that incorporates fresh, new poses into the standard movements that offer a certain level of comfort in a session. He provides a positive and encouraging environment and will adapt poses for your level - whatever that may be!
Sign up for Evening Yoga on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6:40pm.

We've also checked out Essential Oils 101, Whole Foods Market Engine 2 28-Day Challenge, and Pilates. More updates coming soon. Are you taking steps to Be Well? We hope so!