Wednesday, January 14, 2015

eReference, all the time

Reference just jumped off the shelf at The Brentwood Library! With nearly 5,000 authoritative, full-text electronic titles available through Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), patrons can now access articles on a variety of subjects from the arts to literature to science.  Resources such as Authors and Artists for Young Adults, Contemporary Authors series, Encyclopedia of Philosophy and many others are available. GVRL also includes travel, business and health resources. Whether traveling for business or writing a research paper, there is something for everyone.

GVRL allows simultaneous, unlimited usage and can be accessed from home with a patron library card and password or at the library on one of three new eRef stations. Each eRef station includes a touchscreen all-in-one computer dedicated for research purposes. After logging in, a patron will be directed to our eReference webpage showcasing not only GVRL, but also other useful electronic resources such as America’s News and Consumer Reports. Articles can be downloaded to an eReader, thumb drive or computer, printed, emailed or even listened to in an MP3 format. Now you can take reference home!