Monday, April 27, 2015

Stepping On: Building Confidence, Reducing Falls

New 7-week class starts Monday, May 4

Join this 7-week workshop where you’ll learn exercises and strategies to help prevent you from falling. Stepping On is a program that has been researched and proven to reduce falls in older people. It consists of a workshop that meets for two hours a week for seven weeks. Workshops are led by a health professional and a peer leader - some who, just like you, is concerned about falls. In addition, local guest experts provide information on exercise, vision, safety, and medications.

Topics include:
*simple and fun balance and strength training
*The role vision plays in keeping your balance
*How medications can contribute to falls
*Ways to keep from falling when out in your community
*What to look for in safe footwear
*How to eliminate fall hazards from your home

Is this workshop for you?
Stepping On is designed specifically for anyone who: is 65 or older; has had a fall; experienced loss of balance or “near falls” in the past year; is fearful of falling; lives at home; does not have dementia.

The fee for this 7-week program is just $20 and includes ankle weights, course materials, and a healthy snack at each class.

Call 615-371-0090, ext. 8510 to register or sign up online.