Monday, September 28, 2015

Quit Worrying So Much!

Quit Worrying So Much!
2-Part Workshop
Tuesday, October 6 & 13th
Presenter: Cindy Martin, NP
Free Event. Registration Required.
Anyone ever tell you that? Fear is a natural part of being human. Learn to use it to your advantage instead of worrying needlessly and making yourself anxious.

Man’s dilemma is that we can’t help our need to control everything. We want assurance that nothing bad is going to happen to us. We get all stressed out when things don’t go our way. Mrs. Martin will show you how to change this stress reaction into a calm and confident way of approaching life.

Mrs. Cindy Martin is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner that specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Register here, call Brigid Day at 615-371-0090 ext. 8510, or e-mail