Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June FOBL Gallery Wall Artist

June FOBL Gallery Wall Artist

Susan Elizabeth Jones

Painting & Workshops

Artist Bio:

“Born into a family of artists and being a child of the divine Creator, it is impossible to deny the spirit of creative stirrings within me. We are all artists. It’s our nature. We just choose different mediums. Mine is paint. Oil paint mostly. And I will forever be a student, inspired with unending natural beauty and limitless talent of other artists that surround me in rural middle Tennessee."

Keeping things simple and letting the details work out on their own is my life’s philosophy, and this shows in my work…simple subjects, uncluttered backgrounds, and lack of details are the recurring characteristics of my paintings."

For more information, visit or call 615-216-5907.

 Presented by The Friends of The Brentwood Library:
 Each month, The Brentwood Library hosts two local artists on the Friends of the Brentwood Library (FOBL) Gallery Wall and Showcase Display. Please take a few extra moments the next time you visit to pause and savor these artists' creations.

Each artist who displays their collection on the FOBL Gallery Wall contributes one piece to the our Art Lending Library. With over 230 pieces to choose from, patrons are able to check them out for ninety days. This artwork is a beautiful addition to the library that includes original artwork in acrylics, oils, pen and ink, pastels, photographs, and water colors. A full, detailed description of most items can be found in the Digital Collection on the library’s website.